Paint Finishes for Art Galleries, Toronto Lofts for Sale, and Condos in Richmond Hill or Downtown Toronto

Paint Finishes for Art Galleries, Toronto Lofts for Sale, and Condos in Richmond Hill or Downtown Toronto

If you want your walls to have some texture, you may be reluctant to paint them, especially if you think the only way to apply paint is to roll or brush it on in even coats. Actually, there are many ways to apply paint, which you would know if you frequented some of the art galleries downtown. This article will introduce some of the easier ways do-it-yourselfers add character and texture to their walls with paint, which will hopefully give you some ideas for your home.

Textured Paint

The easiest way to get a little texture on the walls of your downtown Toronto condos is to buy special textured paint. You can get paint that rolls on to look like brick, stone, marble, or stucco just to name a few. This paint is more expensive than regular paint and it may require you to add decorative lines (such as for a stone slab or brick look) but it is much more realistic looking than any of the other DIY solutions. You can buy textured paint at any home store. It is primarily used to dress up concrete.

Crinkle Paper

This technique creates a texture on the walls of your Edmonton homes similar to leather or elephant skin and it's very easy for even the most inexperience DIYer to do. After preparing your room, paint a small section of wall. While the paint is still wet, crinkle a piece of tissue paper and unfold it over the painted area. Paint over it with your roller. If you don't like the way it lies, straighten with your fingers before the paint dries. Cut off any excess and continue, overlapping sheets to get full coverage.


Applying fabric to the walls of your Junction real estate is prohibitively expensive for most people, but you can get the same look rather easily by using a strie or dragging technique. Mix one part paint with two parts water and one part glaze. Apply with a paint pad. While the paint is still wet, drag a dry bristled brush through the paint vertically. Reapply paint and repeat the process with a horizontal stroke. If you don't overdue it, this technique will make your walls look like they are covered with coarse linen.

Sponging and Ragging

Many people think that only wallpaper can give the mottled color effect they're looking for, but there's no need to mess around with wallpaper when you can create the same look in your St. Lawrence Market Condos with sponging and ragging paint techniques. Simply apply a smooth undercoat of satin or semi-gloss paint. Once it's dry, use a natural sea sponge or rag wrapped around your roller to apply a second coat of a glaze in a different color.

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