Contractor License

You wouldn't want just anyone digging around inside of you looking for your faulty gallbladder - you want a surgeon. Your house is like your body. It's a complex series of interconnected parts, so you should no more allow an unlicensed contractor to work on your Mississauga real estate than you would allow a black market surgeon to do your medical procedures. For more information on how to find a licensed contractor and what it takes to get a contractor license, read on.

Finding a licensed contractor is not difficult. You can look online or in the phone book or even check out the signs contractors put out when they're working on a house for sale in Mississauga. The problem is usually getting your project onto their busy schedule. With more work than contractors, contractors generally have you over a barrel. They can charge what they want and come when they want - perhaps even not at all if they find a better job. All this makes people think that their only option is to hire someone under the table.

However, when you hire a contractor under the table, you have no guarantee that the work will be done properly or even at all, and you have no recourse if things go badly. Licensed contractors working on Richmond Hill homes for sale can be tracked down through their license if they skip out on work and they are required to be bonded in the case of damage or non-completion of work, which gives you financial security. With an unlicensed contractor, you may be able to get them to see you sooner, but there's no guarantee their work is sound or that they won't take your money and run.

Therefore the best thing to do when you're looking for a contractor is to do some research. Check out advertised contractors by contacting the Better Business Bureau to see if anyone has filed complaints over their work and to contact the provincial or city licensing board to make sure they really are qualified to work on your London, Ontario real estate. You can also do some grassroots research by asking friends and family who have had work done on their houses who they used.

The requirements for obtaining a license vary depending on where you live. New York State, the only type of work you need a state license for is working with asbestos. For everything else, you apply for your license at the city level. Licensing is partly a revenue generating measure for the city and party so that there aren't so many sketchy contractors running around messing up people's Vaughan houses and leaving them in the lurch. You need a license to do construction, repairs, and remodels.

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