Hardwood VS Laminate

If you've ever watched shows about people looking for the perfect home to buy then you likely know that one of the things people most like to see is hardwood floors when they walk through the door. This seems to be the case whether they are interested in older homes for sale in Brampton with a bit of character or new condos in downtown Los Angeles. But, while people might think that this is the best option out there, the truth is that there are lots of reasons to choose a laminate floor instead. Here are some of the pros and cons to both choices.

The major reason that you will see a new condo in Yorkville or a home in the suburbs with laminate flooring instead of real hardwood is the price. Hardwood is not usually a lot more expensive to buy but it is also about twice as much to have it installed in your home. The price of hardwood is usually dependent on the type of wood that you choose and where you're living. This is because it will be more expensive to get exotic wood brought in for you to use in your home. Laminate is composite wood pressed together at high temperatures so they can use less high quality wood and reduce the price.

Another sensible reason to choose laminate over hardwood is the durability. Real hardwood flooring in Minnesota to Mississauga homes is going to scratch very easily and will show wear after a short period of time. Laminate floor will hold its quality for longer and is easier to clean. But, one of the pros of hardwood is that most people believe that laminate never looks as good as hardwood does when its in its best condition. Even the best laminate won't have a totally natural looking grain. Also, if you do damage your floor and need to have it repaired then hardwood will be the easier option.

Either way, most people are liking the look of wood on the floor of Markham Ontario real estate or a New York apartment these days. So, if you want to add value to your property or make it look more streamlined then one of these is a great choice. You should test out both options when it comes to price and aesthetics before you decide what is better in your San Diego or Toronto real estate>.

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